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3 REAL Fears of Starting up a Business

I am SO blessed in my work, that almost daily, I get to meet aspiring Entrepreneurs with exciting ideas and hopes and dreams for a better future for themselves and their families. We talk about their idea, and as we get closer to making their idea a reality I feel that block of energy that shuts them down. Its where procrastination of the idea flourishes.

They’re afraid.

And I get that.

I too was afraid.

And over the years as I talk to these people, I’ve learned that these fears really come down to 3 root fears.

  1. I’m going to lose money.

Yes. You may. I won’t sugar coat it.

However, your chance of losing money is in direct pro proportion in the lack of planning you put in.

When you spend the time thinking through all aspects of what this change will mean, AND when you build connections to help you find “ startup time hacks” or connections to people who want to support you, I can promise you that your financial investment has a higher chance of returning to you in revenue.

2. I’ll be fired (if its a side hustle) or never be hired again (for a full time hustle).

I’m going to share with you a truth of the current state of Entrepreneurs. They are fluid. There are a number of Entrepreneurs who flow between full time work and being self-employed throughout their career. Whether because their business is in a slump or sometimes they are offered an AMAZING opportunity through a contact.

Do you know why?

Because the skillset of Entrepreneurship is an EXTREMELY valuable in our evolving workforce. It actually gives you a competitive advantage over other candidates who’ve bounced from job to job. You’ve applied critical skills and self-management to your skillset. You’ve added communication and networking as well as problem solving to your arsenal.

One thing I’ve learned in Entrepreneurship is that there is someone who needs you somewhere. Always. Everywhere.


3. I’m going to look stupid.

You will NEVER LOOK stupid.

However you may FEEL stupid.

That’s pain. And growth.

And its all a part of the Entrepreneurial journey.

You certainly can minimize it by having the right supportive people, or Tribe around you as well as at least one or two mentors who you have a regular conversation with. Connection to people will help you through those really low times where you question your intelligence and ability. And over time, like a muscle in your body, the more you work it out, the more stronger and resilient it becomes. And THAT is a valuable skill. See number 2 above.

There is no secret sauce to help easily move you through these fears. However in my experience working with Entrepreneurs, moving through these fears itself is the secret sauce.

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