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Hey! I'm Bob

I’ve helped over 500 entrepreneurs since 2015 through one-on-one coaching, workshops and speaking engagements.


I discovered entrepreneurship out of necessity but quickly fell in love with the creativity and freedom required to start and run my own business.

After launching various business ventures, I set my sights on helping the next wave of entrepreneurs take ideas and launch them into full fledge businesses.

Know that I’m a person who believes in the ability to have choice. My Vision is to see a world where every Human can create their own Economy through Entrepreneurship. To choose time freedom, or financial freedom. To choose to side hustle while working full time or to choose to have a business full time that gives them more. 

What really makes makes me different is the idea that I have had the success that you likely want as well. And I’ve experienced the most catastrophic of failures you are afraid of. I know what both doors look like, so I’m driven by my Vision to only take you through the right ones. 

I also teach from a very tactical and practical perspective. When we work together, my programming is all “Done With You” style which means I don’t simply instruct and walk away. I become your partner in the business. Its for this reason I only take on a handful of clients at one time. Because I am focused on them. I become obsessed with their success. 

When I’m not coaching entrepreneurs, I’m a huge supporter of initiatives and projects around mental health, centering on my yoga mat and enjoying life as a father of three beautiful children.

To know me is to see me in action



Bob is available for interviews and presentations both in workshop and keynote format.
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our client experience

Susan Crawford

Coach | Facilitator | Speaker | EQ-i 2.0 Certified

“I had the chance to work with Bob to create my Business Canvas. As a new entrepreneur a lot of the logistics is quite foreign to me and I feel like a fish out of water. Bob was supportive, reassuring and insightful helping me understand the bones of my business and how a clear foundation will not only make me successful, but also sustainable.

Tracy Frankland-Sewell

Kangoo Jumps Fitness Instructor and owner Kangoo Club Kicks

“Bob is a wealth of information! He is able to bring out ideas in me to get my business to the next level. Bob is assisting me with gaining clarity with my vision and mission within my company. Bob is fantastic to work with and a phenomenal mentor. If you want to take your business to the next level, you will need Bob as your mentor! “

Helen Snell

Multipreneur with Health & Wellness at Arbonne International LLC & Editing & Writing at Redlines

“I felt like I needed some clarity and direction on a more everyday level.  So I reached out to Bob, and he suggested a CEO day – a full 3 hours to look at my business from 10,000 feet and really understand where I was, where I am, and where I’m going. I’ve got past the ‘who’ I am, so this was much needed. It was an AMAZING experience.”