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Below, you can choose a time convenient for you so that we can talk about what you’re currently struggling with with respect to your business or idea, and I promise you that you will leave the call with some sort of action to allow you to resolve it

What To Expect On Our Call

  • During our 15 minutes together, the focus is on you. Listening to what your challenges are when it comes to creating a profitable business to replace your full time income. 
  • At the end of our time together, you will have at least one actionable item to take with you and implement to help move you a step closer to your goal of Entrepreneurship.
  • If we both feel as though we’re a good fit with one another, we can discuss how we can work together to achieve all of your goals in your business. 
  • Please know that this IS NOT a high pressure sales call. Part of my vision is to help you find some sort of clarity and make the best decisions for starting a new business. To achieve this, please be aware that I will ask questions that may feel difficult to answer, but I promise you it will help support you in moving forward.


These are a few of the results that you can expect when we work together.


We'll walk through the three key pillars of creating an idea and validating it to be the idea that succeeds.


Understand what it is you can actually offer people that will generate real revenue in your business.


We'll constantly review processes and systems that you can implement to continue to allow your business to grow in a managed capacity.


Whether leaving your job, or just creating some extra income and feeling fulfilled, we'll work together to define and meet your Goals.


Bob was an outstanding mentor to me in providing guidance and mentorship in launching my own business. He provided numerous ideas and was eager to help me in any way that he could to ensure my success. I am lucky to have had the pleasure of working with Bob, and am very grateful for the time he took to help me.
Lauren DeSouza
Founder at Triangle Consulting
I recently had the opportunity to consult with Bob regarding incorporating a business. His expertise and insight helped open my eyes, and he made a genuine effort to make sure I understood the information he was giving me, as well as provided additional resources that would be useful to check out. This man is a wealth of knowledge, with great people skills to boot
Libby Ives
Pole Fitness Instructor at PoleFit Nation
I recently contacted Bob out of blue and he took the time to ask all the right questions, to provide some great resources and to offer me the support I needed. He has inspired me and supported me when I wasn’t sure which road to take or where to turn. He is a great resource for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
Tammy L. Lorette
Virtual Assistant - Working with local & online successful women entrepreneurs at My VA Connection!

Jeannie V - Certified Healher

Helen S - Multipreneur

Denise B


As a 15 year serial Entrepreneur and a 4 year Small Business Consultant and Economic Development Officer with a number of local regional offices, I know exactly what works to build a successful business. My goal is to help you create your own economy the same as I’ve done … without the years of learning on the fly.

  • My focus isn’t just on helping you build a business you love, but to ensure its a business that is stable in revenue. 
  • We work to build a sustainable business for you. This isn’t about building a get rich quick funnel. This is about a business that can ride through different economic waves. 
  • Ultimately everything we build is scalable. Do you can increase to an income and business size that meets your goals AND your desired lifestyle. 
  • I’ve been blessed to work with a variety of different business models and different geographic communities which gives me strong insights into a number of different demographics. 
  • I follow the Done With You method which means Accountability is tied into our work together. 
  • I am a father of 3, and family values are integral to my core values. And that is injected in all the work we do together. 


Although my Vision is to help every human create their own economy, much of my one on one and group programming caters to a very specific type of aspiring Entrepreneur.

  You’re goal oriented and willing to take responsibility for what you do.

  You come from a place of humility and integrity. You strive to do the right thing.

  You are willing to be vulnerable with where you’re at, what you are struggling with, and willing to change.


  Your understand customer experience trumps customer service every time.

  You have previously invested in education for either personal or professional development.

  You’re willing and able to dedicate time, energy and investment for improvement.



On the flip side, if you fall into the below criteria, then working with us is likely not a good fit for you.

  You are just looking to make quick money and not looking to build a sustainable business.

  You lack persistence and patience. Mainly because you don’t believe in creating a vision. 

  You are not willing to be open, honest, and vulnerable with where you are at and what you are struggling with.

  You are not willing to deeply focus on your future customer experience

  You are not willing to follow a process and complete actions that discussed each week together.

  You are not willing or able to dedicate time, energy and investment for improvement.


We all have fear and doubt around the actions we take in our business. Some of us simply have the criteria to help us through those decisions. You are here, because you don’t have have those criteria. 

However, rather than shame you into this call, my desire is to talk to you about the concept of Opportunity Cost. 

Simply put, Opportunity Cost is the the cost of not taking advantage of an opportunity.

For example…

Let’s say that your full time salary is currently $90,000/year.

There are no extra hours to take on at the office, and even if you do you are losing more of it to taxes than you are bringing home. 

So you consider using your expertise to make a little extra money on the side. Which based on what others in your field are doing can be $3000 – $5000 a month. To do it properly and somewhat quickly you need to invest $5000.

Do you take it?

If you don’t, for each month that goes by, you are missing out on $3K – $5K of additional revenue.
See below.

Month 1: Revenue: $3000, Missed Revenue: $3000

Month 2: Revenue $4000, Missed Revenue: $7000

Month 3: Revenue $5000, Missed Revenue: $12,000

Assuming your side hustle has an average income of $4000 for the rest of the year,  you have missed out on an additional $48,000K in revenue because you chose not to invest $5000 and take advantage of your opportunity.

Had you chosen to invest, you would have seen an almost 10X return on your invest in 1 year while still maintaining your full time benefits.


Option #1
Continue On Your Path

You can leave this page right now and keep doing what you are doing. 

This means that you’ll continue to get the same poor results that drove you here and not much will really change.

Choose this path if you are content with your progress thus far and are not afraid of missing opportunity to scale your business and create more freedom.

Option #2
Switch Your Path

You also have the choice to schedule a free strategy session and change the path that you are on.

This means that you will be able to increase your clarity and get the support and guidance that you need to start something successful.

Choose this path if you realize that there is more for you in creating a business for you and improve your life and you realize that a little invest in support and guidance can help you achieve this.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.  

At the worst, we spend 15 minutes together and you have increased clarity and a next step to follow.  

Or you find that this could be the moment you remember when you finally Fire Your Boss for Good!

Your Choice.