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Bob is available for interviews and presentations both in workshop and keynote format.
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Suggested Topics


  1. Are you ready for Entrepreneurship: What 5 things you need in place before making the leap
  2. How to create your first Side-Hustle: 5 things to earn you revenue quicker
  3. Social Media Success for any Business owner: How to make an impact with little time


  1. From Homeless to Full Time Hustle (Keynote): How my comeback story can be your startup story
  2. The Self-Employed to Entrepreneur Evolution (Keynote): What makes being an Entrepreneurship sustainable
  3. Mental Health and Entrepreneurship (Keynote): How to avoid the addiction of Failure

Jeannie (Pliakes) Vassos

I had briefly heard Bob Minhas speak a few times and I felt he could help. I arranged for one of his free consultations, and he made a simple suggestion that helped me find a piece about my business that I couldn’t see. Bob is kind, compassionate and truthful, and in this continually changing world he has his ear-to-the-ground in all aspects of entrepreneurship, for the beginner and experienced. What impresses me most is his humble approach to wanting the BEST for everyone.