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You’re going to need more than “Know, Like and Trust” in your business networking today.

When I started by first business full time back in 2008, I remember joining a local networking group in Milton, Ontario. And one of the main tenants from its organizer was that for you to succeed in networking (and inevitably sales), people had to know about you, they had to like you and most importantly they have to trust you.

The internet has changed our current networking landscape. Today, people can learn about you through social media and through common connections without you even knowing it. And from here establish a perception about you.

Because of that, the “Know, Like and Trust” principle requires some additional work to have the impact its meant to. And I want to give you three tips built on my experience to leverage the principle in 2019.

1. Have a Google Alert with your name, and your business name if its different.

You can have a Google Alert setup to notify you instantly when a website has used your name or your company name. It can be instant, daily or even weekly results. This allows you to know what people are saying about you and your brand. Head over to and set one up.

2. Your Network really is an outsiders Initial Perception of you and your Brand.

Who you publically choose to spend your time with has a direct impact on the perception of who you are and what your brand represents. Consider the 5 people you spend a majority of your time with in business today. And ask yourself these questions. Are the growth minded? Have they achieved a level of success I would like to achieve? Do I share similar core values with them? Remember that online, people can see your connections pretty easily, so be sure to connect with people who represent who you are and what you believe.

3. Know your Messaging and Positioning in what you do.

Unless you know how to convey a clear message of what you do, you may find that people just aren’t connecting with what you offer. I write that because they may know you and like you, but they’re struggling to trust you when it comes to being the expert in what you can do. Get clarity on who you serve, how you serve them and most importantly, WHY you serve them.

Using these three principles, building Know, Like and Trust will become immensely more productive and offer you the result you want.

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